Uptown Glasses

Uptown Glasses

Uptown Glasses
Uptown Glasses

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Uptown Glasses

In today’s world the Eyeglasses have become tremendously one of the most popular and fashionable item. There are plenty of eyeglasses frames that are manufactured from well-known designer brands as Burberry, Ray Ban, Soho, Bulgari, Giorgio Armani and Lilly.

Sunglasses are of course very dear to both men and women especially for sun lovers and for fashion lovers.

How The Uptown Glasses Came Into Existence?

The Uptown Glasses came into existence after almost 30 long years of experience and testing by the most advanced technology from a state-of-the-art laboratory. The Uptown Glasses are made with premium lenses that are inspected by laboratory specialists to ensure supreme quality. It ensures the same whether it’s a prescription or non-prescription lenses.

How Uptown Glasses Are Made?

These Uptown Glasses are made from thoroughly tested material such as polycarbonate, Trivex® and high index plastic. All the Uptown Glass has lenses that are anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings and also UV protection as standard.

There are additional features available as upgrades and these are a brilliant anti-reflective coating (hydrophobic and oleophobic), and polarized or transition photochromic lenses for greater performance.


UpTown Glasses are selling only high-quality glasses frames, lenses and accessories including many designer brands, all at competitive prices. You will notice many types of sunglasses that match your taste. You will get more benefit if you buy it from the Uptown Glasses website.